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During the year 1998 LO.TRA.FER. LOGISTICA TRASPORTI FERROVIARI was established to provide its clientele with the experience matured over many decades working in the exceptional railroad transport sector.


LO.TRA.FER. is capable of providing complete transport services, for any destination at the best price on the market; it conducts careful high-standard project research due to the extensive knowledge it has of the national and foreign railroad networks and all the laws and regulations currently in force and applicable to the same.


LO.TRA.FER., with the extensive experience gained over so many years operating in this field, is at your complete disposal to provide planning, quotations and full implementation of all railroad transport and to resolve all matters therein concerned.






Telephone:                0039 035211883

Fax:                             0039 0354173750

Address:                    P.le Marconi, 6 - Scalo F.S. - 24122 Bergamo

E-Mail:                         lotrafer@lotrafer.it

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